Install Bloly Blog Script for PHP

Follow these easy steps for fast and painless installation:
  • Download and extract files from archive
  • Create database for Bloly Blog, and create username/password for that database.
  • Edit settings.php file. Change there the following values:
    DB_NAME - database name
    DB_USER - database user name used for authentication
    DB_PASSWORD - database password
    DB_HOST - database host address (and port). In most cases it should be "localhost"
    BLOG_TITLE - the title of your blog
    BLOG_SLOGAN - your company slogan
    USER_LEVEL - a number that shows the role of new signed up users:
      0 :: user is blocked, it can not post anything, even comments.
      1 :: user may post and edit comments as well as his information.
      2 :: 1 + user may create and edit articles.
      3 :: 2 + user may edit ANY information, comments, and articles (even posted by other users).
  • Upload files to your website, keeping directory tree unmodified
  • Run install.php
  • Enter your email and password in order to create administrator account.
  • You're done. Happy blogging!

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